Hensci! I'm Mike 👋

That's "hello" in Muscogee Indian.

As a Muscogee tribe-person, I honor certain values in my work, including charity, courage, and respect. These are just a few values that make up the sum of my art. As a celebration of photography and the human experience, I have decided to honor my community by extending my talents into the threads of the local narrative.

As a Texas citizen, I value the local heritage of my beautiful state and my wonderful community within my town of residence, New Braunfels.

As a contributor to the art space, I present to you, my gallery, as the best representation of my abilities and skill in the trade of photography. As a wedding photographer, I am passionate about the documentation of celebrations. As such, it is a blessing to participate in such a most excellent observation of holy union.

Every wedding couple has an awesome story to tell and I love how they are uniquely different. My approach to image quality is, quite honestly, obsessive. I consider your wedding, photographically speaking, an amazing and awesome day in a life of celebration with your life partner. It is my honor to tell that story with photography.


From our family to yours, Double Bar M Photography is committed to delivering exceptional products and services for all your portrait and special event photography needs.

Double Bar M Ranch - Circa 1900


Double Bar M Photography is a celebration of family values that are carried on the legacy of the Double Bar M cattle brand and the union of the Martinez and Hacker families of Texas.

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